Why Dominican Republic?

Language Advantage

The Dominican Republic is one of the largest bilingual populations in Latin America and the Caribbean. Santo Domingo, the capital and largest city of the Dominican Republic, boasts a total population of over 3M people creating an abundance of viable candidates.


One of the most attractive vacation areas in the Caribbean is the Dominican Republic. The exposure to the US culture is a huge advantage over some of the less-visited countries in the region. This exposure allows our candidates to understand and identify with the cultures of the consumers they will be servicing on a daily basis. Over 35% of the working population of the DR has visited or lived in the US at one time or another.

Proximity to the US

The DR is approximately a 2 hour flight from Miami, Florida. This allows our clients to easily travel to the island and work with the agents that our servicing their business. Almost all of our clients enjoy spending time with their extended teams and also enjoy being able to travel there without going half way around the globe.

Labor Excellence

The Dominican Republic has become one of the “go to” countries for the BPO industry. The DR boasts over 34,000 BPO positions in Santa Domingo. The availability of qualified, bilingual agents allows C4 to launch and scale up projects quickly, often in a much shorter period of time than other centers in the region.