Why Jamaica?

Language Advantage

Jamaica is one of the only countries in the Caribbean and Latin America where English is the primary language. This gives Jamaica a huge advantage against other call centers in the region. Jamaica enjoys an abundance of highly educated, motivated, English-speaking talent.


The country of Jamaica thrives on its reputation of being one of the most desired tourist attractions in the world. The Jamaican people’s ability to acclimate to the U.S. culture is a huge advantage in servicing and communicating with the American people. This is a very important benefit to our clients and their customers.

Proximity to the US

Our clients enjoy spending time in our sites and cultivating relationships with the agents that interact with their customers. The ability to travel to Jamaica, directly, from most major, US cities is a huge convenience for our clients. Jamaica is a mere 100-minute flight from Miami and most U.S. carriers offer multiple flights per day. No need to spend days traveling to and from other destinations on the other side of the globe.

Labor Excellence

Jamaica is one of the few countries in the Caribbean and Latin America where the quality of employee continues to improve yet wages have remained relatively stationary. Many US states are considering raising the minimum wage which will greatly impact bottom lines of the ARM/BPO companies.